Blown IN Insulation Contractor In Florida

Blown-in insulation just like the others is used to fill spaces and gaps where air could penetrate. The whole essence of these insulators is to avoid heat wastage. These unwanted spaces free heat from your home outdoor thereby giving a rise in energy usage. The Blown-IN insulation can be filled into attics, walls, wall studs, ceilings, ceiling joists easily to prevent heat wastage. 

For wall or attic insulation, Blown-In insulation can be blown around the area with the right equipment which will allow a mass, even, and ultimate coverage. It can as well be added to existing insulation since each inch of the Blown-in insulation has an R-value of 2.2 to 2.7. Moreover, the life expectancy of Blown-IN insulation is approximately fifteen years, with full energy auditing. It can actually last longer than this, for up to 20 years and above that, you can be less worried about replacing your Blown-in insulation. So, you can decide which to opt for among the insulations.


Blown-in insulation holds an effective material that revamps HVAC performance trapping heated air during the winter and cooled air during the summer thereby saving energy and giving amazing indoor comfortability. Every teeny-weeny cracks and crevice are effectively sealed with the Blown-in insulation giving you an ultimate reassurance of your home’s temperature regardless of the weather.


It is efficient

Blown-in insulation is more efficient compared to some of its likes. Some insulation with the same R-value as Blown-in performs less efficiently since Blown-in has loose-fill insulation which holds a monolithic layer of insulation without seams, giving it more edge.

Easy Installation

Blown-in insulation has an easy installation process. It takes lesser time for a professional to install compared to some other kinds of insulation. It takes two to three professional installers to fix a whole house in few hours that you might wonder if it has been done at all. 

Good investment

You just can’t go wrong with Blown-in insulation. It typically saves you bring a return to your investment while saving you the cost of energy for a couple of years. You can consider again installing insulation in your home.

Blown-in insulation by ORK Insulation of Florida

We can confidently assure you of high-quality and professional services at ORK Insulation of Florida. With professionally trained workers and high-quality equipment, you can trust us with your Blown-in insulation installation. The knowledge of the materials and how they work gives us a plus on an amazing but distinct installation. It is what we do and we work it amazingly well.