Insulation Removal Contractor In Florida

Insulation removal involves your home or attic clean-up of insulation. The insulation has done its job and you wanna stay without it for a few days before installing another one, there are procedures to be followed rightly and appropriately.

At ORK insulation, we have professionally trained workers who will carefully remove your insulation perfectly with the right equipment without tampering with your furniture. ORK insulation removal crews will orderly remove your insulation leaving no spilth behind that you’d wonder if they were ever there.

To remove insulation, you have to get yourself suited up and ensure the right equipment is in place. Insulation is made from different materials so some could be harsher on the skin than the other, take for example fiberglass which shows no mercy when it comes in contact with any part of the body.

Insulation removal involves the folding up or rolling out of cellulose, so you might need to create enough space for the dirt after you must have cleaned out all bags and baggage. Taking a start from the attic to every other part of the house where insulation is present, the team will judiciously work out your insulation giving you a satisfactory and desirable result.

Basically, insulation removal involves a whole lot of itchy and dirty job that requires dressing up to perform, you don’t wanna go through that stress and not achieve a desirable outcome. Our crews will be glad to painstakingly work through it for you. However, there are questions about whether to remove old insulation before applying a new one.

Removing old insulation before a new one?

Based on experiences we’ve had from previous installations and tests, we believe and it is advisable that old fiberglass insulation or previous cellulose insulation should be removed before the installation of a new one. This is mainly because of dirt, mildew, insects, or excrement from rodents that must have piled in the old insulation affecting the new one.  

You can leave the removal of insulation in your homes to us at ORK insulation of Florida and we guaranty you’d never regret making the decision in the first place.