Radiant Barrier

A radiant barrier is a building material used for homes attics for the reflection of thermal radiation. It is typically used to reduce heat transfer because thermal energy is known to be transferred by conduction and convection.

The radiant barrier is used to reflect heat radiation thereby preventing the heat transfer from one side of the barrier to the other due to the low emittance surface.

Radiant barriers are commonly used in place of insulation, which is usually installed in homes especially the attics with the sole aim of reducing summer heat gain and reduce cooling costs.

This barrier is made up of highly reflective materials that reflect radiant heat rather than absorbing it, and it is mostly used by reflective insulation systems. Radiant barriers work at its best when it is placed perpendicular to the radiant energy striking it and the best option for attic insulation that is more effective in hot climates than in cool climates.

All types of insulation are commonly associated with the winter period while radiant barriers are relatively used in the summer period and serve a dual purpose and function in keeping summer cool and the winter warm.

There are some advantages attached to the use of  radiant barriers  in home attics such as the following:

Importance of Radiant Barriers

  • Radiant barriers condition the air unit to run less in the summer period
  • It is best used with insulation to produce the greatest value.
  • Radiant barriers reduce the electricity bills of homeowners and businesses owners.
  • It reflects the heat radiation.

Radiant barriers are made up of a highly reflective material, which is an aluminum foil that is usually applied to one or two sides of a number of substrate materials such as plastic films, cardboard, kraft paper, oriented strand board, and air infiltration barrier material. All these materials are fiber-reinforced to increase ease of handling and durability.

When installing a radiant barrier, expertise and professionalism are highly required, so it is best advisable to hire a certified contractor such as ORK insulation of Florida to carefully install radiant barriers into your home attics in order to enjoy comfortability at its peak.